Best Blogging Tips From 10 Super Bloggers

Want to hear 10 Super Bloggers’ advice about blogging? Each of these experts blog in different industries and each one has a unique and powerful voice.

Ready? Set. Go!

#1. Debi Pfitzenmaier

Parenting Blogger at SA Busy Kids. Debi is the owner of Pfitz PR with over 20 years of traditional public relations experience. She was also the winner of the 2011 Texas Social Media Award at the largest tech conference in the world, South by Southwest Interactive. Here is Debi’s advice:


Find your own voice. You can read a million other blogs, but don’t ever try to copy someone else’s voice. Be real, and be yourself.


Blogging Tips from Jessica Miller-Merrill#2. Jessica Miller-Merrell 

Business Blogger at Blogging4Jobs. Not only is Jessica an author, HR consultant and speaker, she is also one of the most prolific and successful bloggers I know. She was also listed as the 2nd most influential recruiter online and has been named as the 11th most powerful woman on Twitter.

Don’t try to save the world in one blog post. Tell a story while weaving a lesson into the blog. It’s important to entertain just as much as educate when writing your blog. While adults who read blogs are growing and will continue, your competition is growing in numbers too. Good blogs rise to the top and differentiate themselves. While blogging is the best career decision I’ve made to date, it didn’t happen over night. Remember, blogging is a marathon and not a sprint. Use this time to develop your unique style and voice on your blog. It will set you apart from everyone else.


Blogging Tip from Martha Giffen#3. Martha Griffen

Marketing Blogger at She’s been featured in Fast Company magazine and was one of the top 100 women bloggers to watch in 2012.  Here is Martha’s advice.

Visualize your ideal reader. Think about who they are, what they look like, and why in  the heck they want to read your blog. Write to that main readerIt’s so easy to stay motivated when you feel like you are giving your favorite reader the information they can’t live without!


#4. Michael Long

Business Blogger, former head of Culture Branding at Rackspace, Inc, and leader of Rackspace’s employment blog.

Think about your audience not in terms of a demographic but in terms of a person. Before you start writing, start developing their story in your mind. Who are they? What do they do? What do they think about when they first waye up in the morning? What are they afraid of? What do they love? And most importantly, what can you blog about to make their lives a little bit better?


Blogging Tip from Pamela Price

#5. Pamela Price.

Life, Gardening and Homeschool Blogger at Red, White and Grew. Pamela was nominated for a Bloggie in 2012 and is currently working on a book deal. Pamela shares this with us:

Pick a subject or subjects that you enjoy writing about. I’m talking to the independent bloggers, obviously, but even business bloggers can dabble in related topics that keep them juiced. And don’t be afraid to run a blog for just a short period of time, to collaborate with others on a theme, and experiment. Have fun with the medium. The work shouldn’t be a drudgery. Blogging should be something that, when practiced with regularity, gives you creative expression, tension and release. Some people knit. Others, like me, MUST write, write, write.


Blogging tip from Sharlyn Lauby#6. Sharlyn Lauby.

Business Blogger at HR Bartender. Sharlyn is the President of ITM Group. She has become known as one of the top 25 HR digital influencers in the world and her blog has opened doors for her to be interviewed by Reuters, ABC News, AOL Finance, The Chicago Tribune and more. Sharlyn tells us:

I focus on my audience. It answers so many questions for me. For example, what topics does my audience want to learn about? What specifically within those topics would they like to know? Then I imagine myself with a prospective client and they ask about this topic…what would I say?

Now a word of caution…think about the answer in terms of manageable talking points. Whereas in a meeting, someone might be willing to listen for 5-10 minutes to your answer…for a blog post, that’s too long. Break it down into single points. And when you do, trust me…you’ll have tons to write about!

#7. Tim Walker.

Personal and Business Blogger Tim Walker has blogged, personally and professionally, for more than seven years. As part of his job, he currently runs the blog for Socialware, and he still occasionally blogs — mostly about writing — at his own site. Here is Tim’s best blogging tip:

Write something worth reading, and take the time to get it right. That means taking the time to figure out what’s really important to your audience (or to you, if it’s a personal blog), and it means taking the time to write it well, format it well (with subheads, pictures, and other visually pleasing and scannable elements), and it means proofing it so that people won’t get hung up on things like typos or grammatical errors. In a nutshell: anything worth doing is worth doing well — so blog well.


#8. Todd Schnick.

Business Blogger at Be Intrepid, Live Intrepid. Todd has been blogging for several years. And he knows what he’s doing – his blog drives new clients to his company. Todd tells us:

Growth on my blog took a major positive turn after I stopped writing boring drivel, and spoke from the heart. I was writing what everyone else was writing, and what I thought everyone wanted to hear. Things turned when I spoke from deep in my gut, and wrote what I honestly felt about things, even if raw. My best advice, write with guts. Don’t write tactical.


#9. William Tincup

HR Vendor Blogger William Tincup is a marketer, strategist and the co-producer of Drive Thru HR.

Write from the heart… be proud of what you create and promote the hell out of it. Share unabashedly.



#10. Me.

I’m not a super blogger, but after 3 years in this space, I do have a suggestion:

In the sales world, fill your pipeline means “knowing (and getting known by) enough people whom you can contact (or will contact you) on a regular basis about your business. Your goal is to attract all sorts of people.” (via Christina Favreau) It’s important to fill your blog pipeline too by collecting topic ideas. You can take pictures, find quotes, interview people, watch a movie, read one chapter from a book. When you collect enough ideas, posting is always easier.


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