Testimonials That Give You More Business – 3 Steps

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this is an example of a bad testimonial

Testimonials That Sell

Client testimonials are the social proof that you can be trusted. Every small business needs them. But – are your testimonials effectively generating new business for you?


Ineffective Testimonials

Ineffective testimonials usually say things like,

– “Bruce was a pleasure to work with.”

– “Shannon is an excellent trainer.”

– “Chad always delivers on time.”

– “Natalie makes learning fun.”

Guess what? Those testimonials suck. They are not going to get you new business. Why?


Your prospects, the decision makers at companies do not give a rat’s behind that you’re pleasant, excellent, timely or fun. “Fun” is not going to compel them to write a check to you. 

What will cause them to eagerly pull out their credit card? Keep reading…


3 Types of Testimonials

There are three kinds of testimonials. As, Bs and Cs. Level A testimonials are the key to getting more clients. They are the catalyst that will make people say yes to doing business with you.


C testimonials are compliments. You do not want C testimonials. Here are two examples:

“Bruce is an excellent trainer.”

“These protein shakes taste great.”


B testimonials are better. They include a compliment AND either what the person learned or what they are going to do as a result of your product or service. For example:

“Bruce is an excellent trainer. I learned that listening is the key to selling.”

“These protein shakes taste great. I’m going use them to replace my breakfast.”


What will cause a prospect to write a check? Tangible evidence that paying you will pay off for them. For example:

“After taking Bruce’s training class, my sales grew by 40% the following quarter.”

“After using the protein shakes for a month, I lost 8 pounds.”

Who wouldn’t want to pay you for those kinds of results!


How To Get Level-A Testimonials – 3 Steps

Getting stats and measurable data takes some work and advanced planning.

1 – Create a follow-up plan. 

Tell your clients that you will follow up with them several times over the next 12 months. I suggest 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, 6 months and 12 months.The benefits of this are huge. First, you’re getting tangible data about how they are using your product/services. Second, your client is more likely to use our product/services because they know you will be calling them. Third, it keeps you top of mind with your client. WIN!

2 – Determine what to measure.

This is very important. I want you to think like a CEO for a moment. Imagine that you are going to pitch your products/services to a CEO. What will the CEO want to know? Got it? That is what you will measure.

3 – Ask the right questions.

Use the same questions for each phone call. You might consider:

  • How have you used XYZ in the last month? (60 days, 90 days, etc.)
  • How has XYZ helped you?
  • How has XZY impacted your success?
  • How has XYZ mad a difference in your business? (personal life, relationships, health etc.)
  • What are your results?

Notice that all of these questions focus on positive results.


Doing this one thing will radically change how quickly your leads convert into clients. Will you do it? What will you measure?


Seriously? There are more posts like this? Yes!


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  1. Excellent tips Alicia!

    Quantify. Or if you do not quantify, the individual sharing their testimonial should specifically include whatever is it that you did to benefit them. Some people might be newbies, and their new team members of clients might not have yet received tangible results. If this is the case do your best job helping others and your heart and soul will be poured into your work, and naturally, like-minded people find and eat up your testimonials.


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