Develop Your Brand Through Stories The Oreo Way – Part 1

storytelling in marketing, story telling in business, corporate storytelling, content marketing storytelling, branding and marketing, what is brand marketing, how to market small businessDeborah Weinstein is President of Toronto PR Firm Strategic Objectives, her team led PR in Canada for Oreo’s news making, 100th Birthday Celebration in partnership with the Canadian Oreo’s brand team. We are thrilled that Deborah will share how to market with storytelling for March Marketing Madness.

Creating a meaningful business narrative can strengthen the relationship between a brand and its many important audiences: employees, consumers, shareholders, stakeholders, and the all-important traditional and social media who serve them. There is an art to telling a good brand story and our Toronto PR firm, Strategic Objectives, believes:


Public Relations is, in fact, the business of storytelling

and in business, the best story wins. 


By telling the right stories, brands can emotionally resonate with their audiences and give meaning to their purchasing decisions. Storytelling is a key business-driver that can bring a brand to life, while defining who you are as a company. Whether you sit at the head of a giant corporation or at a small desk in a home office, telling your brand story through traditional and social public relations can secure MEGA rewards for your business, no matter what its size.

Take Oreo for example.

storytelling in marketing, story telling in business, corporate storytelling, content marketing storytelling, branding and marketing, what is brand marketing, how to market small business 

How We Positioned The Brand

For the celebration of Oreo’s 100th birthday, our PR team created a hugely successful program that generated a tsunami of positive media coverage and a surge of social buzz around the century-old cookie, by highlighting the story at the heart of the brand. The story positioned Oreo as an iconic snack that’s been enjoyed by cookie-lovers of all ages for more than a century.

1. Memories

We encouraged Canadians to reminisce about eating Oreos when they were kids. Did they dunk it in milk? Twist and lick? All in one bite?

Triggering nostalgia fostered an emotional connection between the brand and its audience.


2. Images Are Key

We reinforced our storytelling with a series of historical, ever-evolving visuals to effectively tell the brand narrative. From showcasing vintage Oreo advertisements and product packaging to developing a timeline of historical events, we told the Oreo story in an impactful way that triggered fond memories, and built and strengthened affiliation to the brand. You can read more about Oreo Canada’s sweet Happy Birthday campaign here.


How To Market Your Small Business

1. Although you may not have a 100 year-old iconic brand like Oreo, you can create nostalgia for your company. If you sell auto insurance, remind your audience of what it was like when they drove a car for the first time. If you are a recruiter, ask your audience to remember how they felt when they received their first job offer. 

2. As with Oreo, images create a powerful emotional connection. Consider using images of yourself when you were younger and first starting in your business. You might also show pictures of how your logo has evolved over the years. Finally, you can find free images that support your story at sites such as Flickr Creative Commons, MorgueFile and StockXchng.

In Part 2, tomorrow, I’ll give you more strategic advice about storytelling and show you examples of how images help brands connect emotionally to consumers.


Deborah WeinsteinSmall biz entrepreneur Deborah Weinstein is co-founder, partner and president of Toronto Public Relations agency, Strategic Objectives, IABC/Toronto PR Agency of the Year 2012, 2011 and 2009; and the only all-Canadian firm named to the PR News Top 10 CSR Agency A-List 2012 and the United Nations Grand Award for Outstanding Achievement in Public Relations. Deborah was honoured to receive the Queen’s Golden and Diamond Jubilee Medals for Outstanding Service to Canada and its Communication Industry. She is a member of the PRSA (Public Relations Society of America) Counselors Academy Executive Committee.

Follow her on Twitter @debweinstein

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