Does “Free” Increase Your Sales?

should I give it for free, should I offer my services for free, should I offer my products for freeHow you’re losing money if you’re not giving away your best stuff for free.

“Give your best information for free.” It is a principle I’ve heard for years and resisted. My mindset was,

  • I should be making the most money on the best content I have.
  • If I give my best sales tips at no cost, what else will I be able to sell?
  • I’ll give my ‘almost best’ for free and then upsell them.

I was 100% wrong and if you are hoarding your best, you’re wrong too. I realized how wrong I was when I attended a high-end, charity fundraising, food/wine tasting event. The top chefs in San Antonio were serving mouth-watering dishes like: 

  • Ahi chipotle citrus bites and prickly pear meatballs
  • Stuffed mushrooms and quatre fromages ravioli
  • Chinese 5 spice pulled pork, presented in an edible green tea cone with Srirachi aoil and mango creme fresh

Each of the rooms featured culinary masters. My friend and I meandered through all of them filling our plates and glasses with make-you-want-to-slap-your-mama, freaking amazing food.

And then we visited another table where they were serving…

should I give it for free, should I offer my services for free, should I offer my products for freeQuesadillas. 

A quesadilla is a grilled tortilla with cheese in it.

And unlike the picture to the right, it did not have chicken or beef or vegetables in it. 

A tortilla. With cheese. 

Perhaps the quesadilla restaurant thought they could save money by offering something inexpensive to the guests. By giving away the cheapest item on their menu, they missed an incredible opportunity to drive 200+ people to their restaurant.

Conversely, since the fundraiser, I have visited 4 of the restaurants that showcased their delicacies. I’m even holding an event at one of them – as a result of sampling their top-of-the-line menu items.

The Sales Lesson

Tortillas don’t convert, but food that makes me moan during the first bite does. Are your prospects moaning?



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  1. Alicia. You are so right. Hoarding our best stuff just doesn’t make us more money, it just keeps us stuck in the “No One Knows You” world.

    I have the reverse where I give away Way Too Much so that people expect to get me for free ;).
    The truth is there is always so great value to be have when you talk one-on-one with people (or in a group) because there is always more to be said about any topic.

    Thanks for sharing your wisdom (using the food analogy was awesome).

    Claudette Chenevert
    The Stepmom Coach
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